Senior Agenda Coalition

"If it takes a village to raise our children, then
it takes a community to care for our elders."

Janice Blanchard,
Keynote Speaker,
2016 Senior Agenda Conference & Expo

Senior Agenda Coalition

Our Mission

The Senior Agenda Coalition is a diverse coalition of groups and activists that advocate for the elderly organized to develop a common agenda to improve the quality of life of older Rhode Islanders.

The Senior Agenda empowers people and organizations to discuss issues, promote legislation, and influence policies of both public and private institutions to support the needs of older people and further the common agenda.

Our History

Founded in 2002 as a program of the Gray Panthers of Rhode Island, the Senior Agenda Coalition has been a leading organization for seniors in Rhode Island . The Coalition prioritizes issues that help older Rhode Islanders maintain choice and dignity in their living and social environments. It is a voice for the protection and promotion of public and private programs that protect seniors' quality of life.

The Coalition's research and public education efforts have helped win a number of victories for seniors, including increased funding for home and community-based care programs, support for senior centers, a wrap-around prescription drug program to help seniors on Medicare Part D, and improvements for public transportation.

Our Efforts

One of the Coalition’s greatest strengths is our ability to engage our coalition members in our mission and work collaboratively with other organizations. Our intent and core purpose is to create and sustain this collaborative effort.

The Senior Agenda Coalition conducts ongoing research on local and nationwide "best practices and policies" in senior-specific topics such as long term care. On a biennial basis we publish The Senior Agenda Factbook: A Profile of Well-Being of Older Rhode Islanders. This is a comprehensive analysis of information about Rhode Island 's seniors including demographics, access to programs including health insurance, prescription drugs, housing, long-term care and transportation.

The Coalition monitors federal and particularly state legislation affecting seniors. Our members attend hearings, provide testimony, and attend meetings to educate legislators about our views on legislation that directly affects them. We also monitor the implementation of legislation and work with state agencies on the development of regulations relevant to senior programs.